I am happy to be a stencil designer with StencilGirl Products. You can purchase all my designs directly from my online shop, through StencilGirl, or in many art/craft stores. Every stencil from their collection is high in quality and made using a 7 mil mylar, heat resistant film.


Alpha Drips
6x6 inches

Number Drips
4x4 inches


 A new series called On The Edge, released in both 6x6 4x4 size...

Part stencil and part mask, these stencils provide you with an opportunity to create in a unique and playful way. They include text, number, and design elements. Their unique shapes also provides a series of edges to use in your artwork as well.

You Got This

Make it Count

The Time


From the Text and Texture collection..

Each of these new stencils offer grungy elements of text and design. They are 6" x 6" and filled edge to edge with both words and shapes that are ready-made for adding to and layering within your artwork. I chose the words in these stencils to be introspective and to reflect a range of moods, feelings and emotions. This range makes them especially suited for journals, mixed media artwork and more.





My newest addition to the Insiders-Outsiders line. This grouping of stencils is designed to be interactive, with the 4 new Insiders designs fitting perfectly within the outlines of my previously released Outsiders stencil.

This Techno Collection is designed to capture an industrial techno feel. These 4" x 4" stencils come in the shape of a circle, square, tag and star. Each of these designs nests within the outlines of the same shapes on the 9" x 12" Outsiders stencil.

Or they can be used on their own.

 Techno Circle

 Techno Square

 Techno Star

Techno Tag


The Urban Collection

This grouping of six stencils was created with layering and flexibility in mind. These designs capture a New York City urban grunge feel. The most exciting thing for me about these stencils is that they are interactive -- they were designed to be used in pairings.

Start with the Urban Outsiders stencil, which measures 9" x 12". It is like getting 5 stencils in one. It includes outlines of a circle, square, star, tag and bar. Each one can be used individually or you can choose to use small sections of each shape for a different look.

The fun really begins when you add one of the Urban Insiders to one of the Urban Outsiders. The Insiders were created to fit perfectly inside the Outsiders and consist of designs that match the shapes of the Outsiders.

There are 5 individual Insiders stencils in the Urban Collection.

Urban Insiders Circle: one design 4" x 4"

Urban Insiders Star: one design 4" x 4"

Urban Insiders Square: one design 4" x 4"

Urban Insiders Tag: one design 4" x 4"

Urban Insiders Bar: two designs 6" x 6"

All these stencils can be used individually or combined, as shown below...


From the Text & Texture series...

There are three in the collection and each are 6" x 6" and filled edge to edge with designs, words, and numbers perfect for mixed media artwork, journaling, and other art mediums.


My first set of stencils from StencilGirl are 9" x 12" and filled edge to edge with a large number of designs that can be used individually, as layers, or as a whole.

Stay tuned for additional stencil designs in the near future.


I am thrilled to be the artist behind Art Lessons, Vol 6: Dimensional Stenciling. Released by Cloth Paper Scissors and Interweave in June 2013, this is from a monthly series called Art Lessons. These are mini-eMagazines that are immediately downloadable for just $1.99. Each issue focuses on one artist and one artistic technique. 

In Dimensional Stenciling, I show you how stenciling can take your texture to new heights. Join me as I introduce my "secret sauce" - fiber paste - to create texture and dimension when stenciling, share a how-to video so you can see the process step-by-step, highlight my favorite stenciling tool, reveal how I create my layered backgrounds to stencil on, share my own stenciling tips and tricks, and show several new artworks where stenciling is the centerpiece. There is a lot packed into these pages!


Bill said...

Since I didn't have fiber paste, I tried it just using gesso. It worked fine. I'm still going to look for the fiber paste, though. Hope to be ordering one of your stencils soon, too.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Bill, Goldens Molding Paste should work too. But I have fiber paste on my list of supplies to get.

Seth, I should receive my DVDs any day. Ordered them both. Stencils next. Getting to be a Seth Apter junkie.

Ella said...

Congrats Seth! oooh, the last stencil really speaks to me~

I am happy for you Seth!